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HP Naish observed:
...PDFs are a 
superb, largely hassle-free way of getting published papers 
out to anyone that wants them. This is pretty obvious but 
what is less obvious is that those who (1) publish papers 
and (2) have these papers available in PDF form should 
advertise this and thereby get their research more widely 

I agree that the internet is an effective way to provide information 
to people who are looking for it, but also included is an encomium 
to the PDF format.
That format is oversized and very awkward to use for any purpose 
other than just reading.  Its only value is that authors can 
lock it.  If possible, the first thing I do with a PDF format 
is to reduce it to text, using the Text Tool in the Reader.  
Unfortunately, that means sacrificing illustrations and spending 
some time formatting what's left, but it's worth it.  
Rich text is better, and most operating systems have word processing 
apps that can accept at least older .doc formats.
Adobe has promised to improve the flexibility of the PDF clunker, 
but until there are some results, avoiding use of the PDF format 
is a service to readers.

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