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Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 7:08 AM
Subject: Re: PDF FRENZY

> ...
> That format is oversized and very awkward to use for any purpose
> other than just reading.


I agree with Darren Naish and John Conway that the pdf format is great.
However, I cannot figure out what you want to do with the files other that
reading and printing.  The only things that I can think of that would
require extraction of the text would be:

1 - copying large parts for plagiaristic purposes [I doubt that is what you
are doing!]
2 - searching the text for indexing and reference purposes (and I think that
that is possible with any pdf that can be converted to text, and can be done
before the conversion).

Is either of these the other purpose, and if not what else is there.  As for
me, I just want to read and print, and I find the pdf very convenient.


S. Christopher Bennett, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Basic Sciences
College of Chiropractic
University of Bridgeport
Bridgeport, CT 06601-2449