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INFO on Shunosaurus/Camarasaurus skull refs

Hy to all the ListMembers,
last night I've search through UMI-dissertation service, and I've found the
Ph.D of Dr. Zheng "Cranial anatomy of Shunosaurus and Camarasaurus
(Dinosauria......" please could someone that have the Ph.D tell me if the
Shunosaurus skull described here is the same described in the September 2002
issue of Zoological Journal by Chatterjee et al. and numbered ZG65430? And,
what about Camarasaurus's skull? Perhaps Zheng described the disarticulated
skull DNM 28 or the "cliff skull" DNM 975 or used Camarasaurus's skull only
by comparison? If DNM 28 or DNM 975 aren't described here could someone tell
me if there's something in press about it?

By and thank's
Alessandro Marisa
Via Achille Grandi n°18
38068 Rovereto (TN) ITALY
Email: iguanodontia@yahoo.it