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Re: Reconstruction...? restoration...?

As I understand it, a reconstruction is simply a reassembly of the bones, as they were in life.
A restoration is just a fleshed-out rendition, complete with muscle and skin, of the above skeletal reconstruction.

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From: "Roxton" <roxton@softhome.net>
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Subject: Reconstruction...? restoration...? Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 16:04:27 -0600

I'm sorry for this question that might seem shallow to most of you, but can
anybody tell me the difference between reconstruction and restoration of
dinosaurs? and where does scientific illustration fit in?

My idea is that reconstruction includes the whole process from doing a
bibliographical search, going around to places to sketch and photograph
fossil materials, doing clay models, etc, etc and that it can branch off
into painting and sculpting and scientific illustration would refer only to
painting, only that it occurs to me that scientific illustration also refers
to skeletal drawings and after all, aren't these called skeletal

With respect to restoration, is it more related to the anatomical
reconstruction of the animal without including behavioral traits, habitat,
accompanying fauna and flora and such? or is it the other way around? are
these ecological aspects part of the reconstruction process or not?



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