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Here's an example of a problem I have with pdf files.
I receive a copy of a 45 page report, of which perhaps 3 pages, 
mostly bits and pieces, are relevant to my topic.  What I want 
to do is to extract sections, place them on a separate page, 
and intersperse my notes and comments, including both local and 
web hyperlinks.  This compilation can be used as references without 
having to re-search every time I want to refer to the document, 
and may be placed in a common directory for reference by others.
There were a couple of major gambling studies and a meta-analysis 
that I cross referenced with a study of my State.  I had to use 
either the computer or a flurry of yellow sticky notes.  Believe 
me, the computer is much better, once the material is out of 
the inert pdf format.
The only time I like to work with paper is when I'm preparing 
my narrative.  I think more slowly when writing by hand, and 
that's useful for giving myself time to identify weaknesses in 
my argument or a clearer method of presentation.  (Fair warning; 
this was composed on the keyboard.)
In general, the less you want to do with a document, the more 
acceptable pdf formats are.  If all you want is to read and print, 
then you're right, you're not missing much.

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> That format is oversized and very awkward to use for any purpose
> other than just reading.


I agree with Darren Naish and John Conway that the pdf format 
is great.
However, I cannot figure out what you want to do with the files 
other that
reading and printing.  The only things that I can think of that 
require extraction of the text would be:

1 - copying large parts for plagiaristic purposes [I doubt that 
is what you
are doing!]
2 - searching the text for indexing and reference purposes (and 
I think that
that is possible with any pdf that can be converted to text, 
and can be done
before the conversion).

Is either of these the other purpose, and if not what else is 
there.  As for
me, I just want to read and print, and I find the pdf very convenient.


S. Christopher Bennett, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Basic Sciences
College of Chiropractic
University of Bridgeport
Bridgeport, CT 06601-2449

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