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Re: Beipiao?

Grant Harding (granth@cyberus.ca) wrote:

<Is there a catch-all name for the locality of Beipiaosaurus, Caudipteryx,
Changchengornis, Confuciusornis, Cryptovolans, Epidendrosaurus,
Microraptor, Protarchaeopteryx, Psittacosaurus, Scansoriopteryx,
Sinosauropteryx, Sinornithosaurus, NGMC 91, and Yanornis?>

  These taxa range between western Liaoning Province (and three counties
in that area, of which Beipiao County is one) and Ningcheng County in Nei
Monggol Zizhiqu (Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region), in northeastern
China. There are numerus "localities" (a restricted geographic area, about
a kilometer square, among them including Daohugou, Sihetun, Jianshangou,
etc.) and sublocalities. The political regions, such as County, Province,
Autonomous Region, etc., are different from localities.


Jaime A. Headden

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