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Re: Beipiao?

> [...] 
> "from Beipiao", but I'm not sure Beipiao is the right term. 
Beipiao is a city. 
> For example, what does "Jehol" refer to? 
It is a historical (non-Chinese) name for the area. And it's used for the 
faunal assemblage of which the dinos you mentioned are part. 
Inner Mongolia is Nei4 Meng3gu3 Zi4zhi4qu1. The syllable mong happens not 
to exist, and gol does not exist because it doesn't end in a vowel, n or 
ng. So if you see Monggol, you know it is reverse-engineered to make its 
meaning obvious to Westerners. Zizhiqu means something around 
"self-governed area", though there is little difference between this and 

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