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the amazing dark-wing Rhamphorhynchus, addendum

Today I had an opportunity to put a UV light picture of this amazing
dark-wing Rhamphorhynchus (Tischlinger and Frey 2002) under the scanner.
I found a mirror-image of the "tenopatagium" stretching to the distal
tibia on the _medial side_ of the tibia. Frankly, the two "tenopatagia"
looked like the meat of the tibia, as in a traditional "drumstick" (is
that international or only American slang?) on a chicken.

The large anterior femoral muscle mass is also visible in a ghostly sort
of way, as is a small portion of the wing membrane that passes beneath
the elbow and makes a right angle turn to the posterior, meeting the
anterior thigh more than 3/4 of the way toward the knee. There is a
vacancy distal (lateral) to this membrane. If the wing chord were deep
and the tenopatagium did indeed stretch to the distal tibia, then such a
vacancy should not exist. Right? But it does, as it does on every other

Still eagerly looking for a deep chord wing membrane. No can do.

David Peters
St. Louis