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Re: Animal Planet - Giants

Apparently pigeons home using olfaction too...
But there are no modern exclusive scavengers that aren't soaring flyers, carcasses are too widely dispersed etc.

Vampire Disposal Methods, by Country of Origin:

Sampiro Albania Stake through heart
Nachtzehrer Bavaria Place coin in mouth, decapitate with ax
Ogoljen Bohemia Bury at crossroads
Krvoijac Bulgaria Chain to grave with wild roses
Kathakano Crete Boil head in vinegar
Brukulaco Greece Cut off and burn head
Vampir Hungary Stake through heart, nail through temple
Dearg-dul Ireland Pile stones on grave
Vryolakas Macedonia Pour boiling oil on, drive nail through navel
Upier Poland Bury face downwards
Gierach Prussia Put poppy seeds in grave
Strigoiul Rumania Remove heart, cut in two; garlic in mouth, nail in head
Vlkoslak Serbia Cut off toes, drive nail through neck
Neuntoter Saxony Lemon in mouth
Vampiro Spain No known remedy

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Subject: Re: Animal Planet - Giants
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 16:19:16 -0600

Nick Gardner wrote:

Sadly, Corwin seems to support the Scavenger Hypothesis, as opposed to the Predator Hypothesis. He cites the large olfactory lobes that he feels are reminscient of vultures.

Hmmm... that doesn't sound right. Most vultures rely on sight, rather than smell, for detecting carcasses. Then again, vultures can fly, giving them a "birds-eye" view of the terrain.

Very few birds have a good sense of smell. Exceptions include kiwis, tubenoses, and a few species of vulture (e.g. turkey vulture).


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