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Smithsonian theropods (was RE: Animal Planet - Giants)

> From: Nick Gardner [mailto:ratites637@hotmail.com]
> Sadly (OR NOT!), I missed this segment.  I'm glad to know this good info
> though on how tall a *Q* could be, out of curiousity, how tall was
> *Daspletosaurus* approximately?  I recall the old GSP painting... I know
> that *Albertosaurus* isn't too tall because I went to the Smithsonian on
> Saturday.  Actually, I was surprised because I expected
> *Allosaurus* also to
> be much taller...

Well, to be fair, neither individuals were full grown.  The Smithsonian
Gorgosaurus (it is libratus) has an 880 mm femur, but specimens can reach
1040 mm; the Smithsonian Allosaurus has an 850 mm femur, but specimens get
up to 985 or more (if Saurophaganax is actually Allosaurus, than up to 1135
mm).  The Princeton, AMNH, and Denver mounts of Allosaurus, for example, are
of significantly larger than the USNM one.

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