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Re: Longisquama

At 07:13 AM 11/03/03 -0600, David Peters wrote:
As in Sharovipteryx, there is no way that Longisquama was a quadruped.
The hind limb is twice the length of the forelimb, which due to toro
length and elevation, barely reached the level of the knee when bipedal.
The torso is also long with a center of balance just anterior to the
ilium, far from the humeral glenoid. So, with two pterosaur sister taxa
now obligate bipeds

Why? You could say the same sort of thing (roughly") about Stegosaurus - or, for that matter, frogs. Why couldn't unequal limb length be associated with climbing, as it is in tree frogs, instead of bipedality?

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