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Death of paleontology in Nebraska

Hi All,

The spreading disease that hit Dinosaur National Monument has now crept into Nebraska. Nebraska is in a $300 million budget shortfall and paleo is going to take a major hit. The worst of it will be the elimination of the research division of the University of Nebraska State Museum in Lincoln, resulting in the "loss of 8 tenured faculty positions and forcing 7 scientific collections to be transferred to other institutions" (according to the local news). Also hit is the Masters in Museum Studies degree program, which is to be terminated. This hit especially hard as I was to start this program in the fall with a minor in vert paleo.

It's scary to think that a pillar in paleontology like Dr. Mike Voorhies will no longer be doing research here in Nebraska. I suppose that he could find a position somewhere else, but if we're in such a budget shortage, I'm sure it's happening everywhere and positions will be even fewer and more far between than before.

I'll post more as events warrant. I'm ever hopeful that we can stop the spread of this horrifying disease here, but doubt it seriously.

Thanks for listening,


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