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Re: Longisquama

Ronald Orenstein wrote:

Why couldn't unequal limb length be associated with climbing, as it is in tree frogs, instead of bipedality?

Unequal limb length could be associated with *both* climbing and bipedality, as _Microraptor_ would seem to indicate. Arboreal quadruped, terrestrial biped.

Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

I've always pictured Longisquama as a kind of small biped, contrary to
Sharov's original reconstruction. I once even classified it as a basal
theropod (1991, 1992). It is surely one of what may have been a series of thousands of species of small, arboreal Triassic archosaurs,

_Longisquama_ is most likely an archosauromorph.


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