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Re: Longisquama

> >Turfanosuchus and Hsisosuchus!

> Hey, who are those guys? :-p

Turfanosuchus recently got a redescription in a JVP following recent
repreparation of the material, here's the ref.:

Redescription of Turfanosuchus dabanensis (Archosauriformes) and new
information on its phylogenetic relationships
Xiao-Chun Wu and Anthony P. Russell, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology,
2001, 21(1):40-50

They classify it as an Archosauriform and dismiss the previous idea that,
based on the characteristics regarding the ankle elements, it had a close
relationship with Euparkeria.

Hsisosuchus is that dubious "ichtyosaur" from China with the armored back
and the very slender and thin premaxilla and maxilla. It's known under
another name IIRC, but I forgot it while typing and I still don't know it...
It's also in Feduccia's 1996 book, the Origin and Evolution of Birds.

If you lack material of these genera, I'm able to send you scans of the