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Re: Pterosaur hairs

There were  enough different species of pterosaurs that I would expect
'hair' analogues and the need therefor to vary substantially between
species.  I can see a possible purpose for 'bushiness' above the
juncture of the neck and shoulders on some species for aerodynamic
reasons, and perhaps along the top of the neck.  I suspect some
preserved 'bushy' bits were post-mortem effects, and would speculate the
need for overall hairiness to be roughly inversely proportional to mass.
All the best,

Michael Lovejoy wrote:
> Roughly how hairy were pterosaurs? They are normally restored with quite
> short, close-fitting hairs, but HP Dalla Vecchia's paper on Jeholopterus
> ningchengensis shows the hairs about 25mm long, and sticking out all over
> the place! It looks like a really bushy little fella.
> So, how hairy / bushy were pterosaurs? Hope some of our resident
> ptero-philes can help!
> Regards,
> Michael Lovejoy
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