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Re: dino finger scutes?

The Edmontosaurus mummies are probably the best place to check. . .I know
that some of them preserve the "pad" on the underside of the manus, but I'm
not sure if the other side of the manus is preserved. It's not a theropod,
but it's a start. . .

Do all birds have scutellae on their feet? How about crocs? I seem to recall
that the latter don't, but I could be wrong.


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Subject: dino finger scutes?

> Here's a question, most-likely without a well-founded answer...
> How likely is it that dinosaurs (I'm thinking of theropods, particularly)
> had scutellae running down their fingers?  I've seen it pictured before,
> wonder if there's any scientific reasoning behind it other than "Oh,
> birds have them on their feet, so by deductive logic, blah, blah, blah..."
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