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re: pterosaur eggs, maybe not.

Hi all
Lately I've been doing some research by myself on
Does anyone here know about pterosaurs ponding habits.
Where they presumably made their nests,if in the top
of trees or in the ground,etc...?
I didn't find any reference on pterosaurs eggs,this
makes me suppose that the possibility to an pterosaur
egg to be fossilized was really scarce,am I right?
If someone could help me with this,I would be the most

Mark Van Tomme

I've seen one pterosaur that gave the appearance of having given birth
to four chicks. One was just outside the vent. It reminded me of some of
the very special ichthyosaur specimens. But then, it could have been the
next day or the second day after birth and the five might have been
nesting, resting, or eating together at death. Jaw length of each baby
subequal to the ilium length of the mother. Babies had teeth and crests.

On a side note, the scapulocoracoid of the mother was unfused. Each
pelvis was fused, but no longer connected to the sacrum.

David  Peters
St. Louis