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Longisquama, help me please!

Dear all,
being in the middle of a change of job (I am working in another university now, but have still to settle as officem e-mail etc...) thus times were hectic for me; possibly I missed a lot of things, I take here the chance to apologize to anyone I have not responded, be patient and I'll try.
Now, to the point:
Resuming the huge load of postings, I found this thread on Longisquama, in which there are statements about hindlimbs and ilia and tail.
To my limited knowledge, only the anterior half of the body was known. Am I wrong? something new (finding, reintepretation) sorted out?
Any info will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance

                                        Silvio Renesto

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                                (Lao Tzu)

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