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Denver Museum Photos and a Paper

Well, I just got back from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with 7 rolls 
of film. The photos, I have to say, came out much better than I expected. (I 
just bought a new Nikon and this was the first time I used it.) They are 
probably some of the best I have ever taken. I'll either post them on another 
personal website or just slap them up on the Dinosauricon. Haven't quite made 
up my mind yet... Running out of web space sucks. So, I hope everyone likes 
them when I get them posted. I'll let ya know when.

I also meandered over to the Denver Zoo. I have fantastic Emu, Lion, and Komodo 
Dragon photos for anyone interested. Just give me a hollar. The head shots of 
the Dragons are so close and clear, that you can see their irises. Gotta love 
black and white film.

Also, I came across this paper. Don't know if anyone is interested, but I found 
it pretty neat.

Kate Jackson, 2003. The evolution of venom-delivery in snakes. Zoological 
Journal [London] 137(3):337-354

And that's about it.