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SVP '04 logo contest

The 2004 SVP meeting will be in Denver again. This time we would like to invite 
any lurking (or otherwise) artists to have an input into the logo. The logo is 
used on the fliers, registration packet and official meeting T-shirts. Since 
there has been grumbling in the past about various logos, now is you 
opportunity to have a visible impact. 

There are several constraints that must be taken into account:
1. the design must be easily replicated and easily understood for what it is.
2. for cost reasons, one color is preferred over a multi-colored design.
3.  the design must reflect that the meeting is jointly hosted by the Denver 
Museum of Nature and Science and the University of Colorado Museum. 
4. the logo should have the year and/or that it is the 64th annual meeting.
5. the winning designer gets to see their design used and bragging rights; 
there is no monetary prize. 
6. the winning designer must surrender all usage rights.
7. the designer's name can be used on the logo as long as it is not obtrusive.
8. the design must fit on a 8.5"x 11" (or A4) sheet of paper for replication.

There is no entrance fee, nor limit as to the number of designs submitted. The 
host committee will make the final selection, but also has the right to reject 
them all and create yet another boring logo. 

Please send copies of designs to me at the address below. Closing date is 
December 31, 2003.

Finally, the usual disclaimer about "void where prohibited by law, blah, 


Kenneth Carpenter, Ph.D.
Curator of Lower Vertebrate Paleontology &
Chief Preparator
Dept. of Earth Sciences
Denver Museum of Natural History 
2001 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80205

Fax: (303)331-6492
email: KCarpenter@DMNS.org

Image this: "a thundering herd of waddling ankylosaurs..."

Please be advised that this email and your reply may be monitored by the
Denver Museum of Nature and Science.