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re: Longisquama changes

For those of you who now have my Longisquama reconstruction:

Further examination of Longisquama has revealed that I missed the distal
20% of the left tibia beneath a dorsal frond. The right (lower = peeking
out beneath all the dorsal fronds) tibia showed up and confirmed the new
extended length. Also the broad triangular bone on the fifth toe is the
metatarsal, so shift the round bone that appears to be the metatarsal
back to the tarsals. Now the phalanx count on pedal V is three
(including the ungual). Also, like Moses hiding in the bullrushes, the
right pes showed up next to the other one.

I had an email suggestion that the membrane mass dorsal to the sacrals
might actually be the missing uropatagium. It was good thought
considering the bend at the base matched the bend inside the knee, but
this mass is attached directly to the sacrals leaving little room for
doubt. The actual uropatagia are present if broken up. Taken as a whole
it looks like Longisquama was wearing cowboy chaps with long tassles
trailing posteriorly. A good match for the rest of its ensemble? This
also means that there were no tassles trailing the forelimbs.

More later, a real shocker is coming soon. I still can't believe wat I'm

David Peters
St. Louis