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Re: Back from the NHM (Jehol dinosaurs)

> - Protarchaeopteryx 
And? Are there wing feathers, or not? :-9 
> - [...] Cathayornis 
= *Sinornis*. 
> the next stop will be in Germany (Darned, why did I 
> go to London? :-)), 
It started in Germany, though I forgot where there, before it went to 
London. -- I have asked the Natural History Museum Vienna if they'd invite 
it while it still was in Germany. Don't you think I got an answer. B-( 
> perhaps with some additional fossils from the 
> Solnhofen area. 
Would be a good opportunity to present the 8th *Archaeopteryx*, Borsti and 
the other basal coelurosaur to the public. I like to keep dreaming. :-) 

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