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Re: Back from the NHM (Jehol dinosaurs)

Heinz Peter Bredow wrote-
The interesting point for list members may be that after the exhibition closes
in May it will go on an European tour for 4 years. According to information
from the NHM staff the next stop will be in Germany (Darned, why did I
go to London? :-)), perhaps with some additional fossils from the Solnhofen
area. It may even go to the USA, but so far there's no information about this
on the website of the NHM. I was told that information regarding this will be
posted there.

Perhaps they will stop by the USNM. On a semi-related note, I had heard that the specimens described in the Czerkas et al. volume would be on tour in the USA, does anyone have any information on this?

Nick Gardner Paleoartist

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