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SVP Lodging Directory


As many of the students and professionals out there know, it can be quite
difficult to find inexpensive, quality housing near most major museums. But,
there are often a few options available, especially if you're willing to
consider staying in college dorms, hostels, or hotels off the beaten path.
For instance, during my last visit to the ROM, I stayed in the Victoria
University dorms, at a cost of about $25 (US) per night.  To help students
out in the process of finding housing, I am working with SVP webmaster David
Polly to compile a lodging directory for eventual inclusion on the SVP

I am soliciting hotel information from anyone who is willing to help,
particularly if you have used the lodging personally. Any and all museums
are of interest, especially those in large cities where hotels can be
prohibitively expensive. These might include, but are not limited to, AMNH,
Smithsonian, Yale, LA County Museum, Natural History Museum in London, MNHN
in Paris, and Senkenberg in Frankfurt. In order to maximize the usefulness
of your review, include as much pertinent information as possible. This can
include distance to the museum, room rates, amenities, and proximity to
restaurants, etc. Please be as objective as possible, and highlight both the
pros and cons of the lodging. Also, tell us when you stayed there. If the
hotel has a web site, please include that address, along with other
pertinent contact information.

This directory has potential to be an incredible resource--please help out
whereever you can! I have included a sample entry at the end of this e-mail,
to help you in formatting your information. Please reply off-list, to
andyfarke@hotmail.com. Thank you for any help you can provide!

Andy Farke
Student Liaison, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology


American Museum of Natural History
New York, NY, USA

Possible accommodations:

Amsterdam Inn
340 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10024
phone: (212) 579-7500

This hotel is within about a three or four block walk from the AMNH, in a
good neighborhood. The cheapest option is to get a room with a shared
bath-these cost about $70 to $80 per night (exceptionally priced for New
York City!). I stayed there during August of 2002, and was quite pleased
with my experience. My room was small, but clean and comfortable. It had an
air conditioner and a TV, which was very nice. A variety of affordable
dining options surround the hotel. I made my reservations on-line, with no
problems.-Reviewed by Andrew Farke

Andrew A. Farke
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Box P301
501 E. St. Joseph St.
Rapid City, SD  57701

Phone: 605-394-2817

E-mail: andyfarke@hotmail.com