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pterosaur dorsal frills

You heard it here first.

Many, if not all, pterosaurs appear to have a dorsal frill, ala sister
taxon, Longisquama -- but not as long nor as ornate. I've checked on
specimens ranging from MPUM 6009 (Triassic) to Pterodactylus. Anything
pressed into two dimensions seems to preserve this. In Jeholopterus, the
fringy tips of the plumes seem to account for much of the "hairiness"
that only appears at some distance from the torso, first on the left,
then on the right. Even Sordes has a diaphanous line-up of plume like

Something like this, that has been overlooked for over 200 years, is
guaranteed to be _difficult_ to see -- but once you start hunting for
them, you'll see them everywhere. Outlines only. Almost never a stain.

Happy hunting outside the paradigm.

David Peters
St. Louis

PS. I'm serious. And I'm still as shocked as you are.