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Re: pterosaur dorsal frills

> You heard it here first.  
> Many, if not all, pterosaurs appear to have a dorsal frill, ala sister  
> taxon, Longisquama -- but not as long nor as ornate.  
> I've checked on  
> specimens ranging from MPUM 6009 (Triassic) to Pterodactylus. Anything  
> pressed into two dimensions seems to preserve this.  
Is preservation always so good? :-/  
> Something like this, that has been overlooked for over 200 years, [...]  
> PS. I'm serious. And I'm still as shocked as you are.  
B-) Haaah, haaah, haaah. Hwaaaarrr, hwwaaarrr, hwarrr...   
While this does come as a surprise, I've read somewhere (only once) that  
*Pterodactylus* males (identified as such a posteriori, I guess) had  
feathers on the occiput. Sounds similar, doesn't it.  
"Why the devil am I actually laughing? Just because it's written in the  
-- Eddy Krüger in the gag comic Clever & Smart  

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