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Re: Warm-climate autumns

Fair enough, Donna,

I've found that one interesting source for information on our local plants
down here in Florida is Floridata (http://www.floridata.com).

-= Tuck =-

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Subject: Re: Warm-climate autumns

> Aspidel wrote:
> >
> > A Google image search gives you immediately good photos .
> >
> > It's usually what I do when I'm searching for examples for my paleo
> > landscapes restorations.
> Google Image Search is the best thing since sliced bread! In fact, I've
> already gathered lots of excellent reference shots for my project,
> including photos of sumac and Virginia creeper, some in blazing,
> glorious, fall color.
> HOWEVER, finding pictures of these particular plants, taken in
> *frost-free* areas, showing autumn color (or not) is lot more difficult.
> How 'bout you folks from the southern states? Any gardeners or botanists
> among you?