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Re: Back from the NHM (Jehol dinosaurs)

Heinz Peter Bredow wrote-

> > Would be a good opportunity to present the 8th *Archaeopteryx*, Borsti
> > the other basal coelurosaur to the public. I like to keep dreaming. :-)
> I have seen the Munich specimen of Archaeopteryx (bavaricus), it's smaller
> than the London specimen. I read about Borsti (missing body of evidence,
> body preserved). But the other basal coelurosaur? What's this?

The Munich one is the seventh specimen.  The eighth is an undescribed and
privately owned skull and forelimb (Mauser, 1997).

Mauser, 1997. Der achte Archaeopteryx. Fossilien, 3 156-157.

Mickey Mortimer