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Re: Warm-climate autumns

> Do the following plants drop their leaves with the onset of > cooler weather? Do they change color (reds, yellows)? > poplars/cottonwoods (Populus) [...] Yes, they do. Populus: yellow to orange or red, sometimes with blackish spots. [...]
David Marjanovic wrote:
Over here the poplars become yellow -- but there is frost every >winter, so this doesn't count. In a climate without pronounced seasons plants >have little reason to drop all their leaves at once, if they aren't >ill.

Plants(trees)drop their leaves in response to the shorting duration of daylight. Most of the time this signals the onset of winter. In thoes regions in which frost is rare, such as coastal areas, or non exsistant, as in southernly latitudes, the plants still go through the motions and progress through an dormant period though a much abriviated one. For the most part, this applies to plants which are not native to these southernly latitudes, or evolved further north and subsequently spread south. Plants native to these latidues do not drop their leaves, or do so in responce to different stimuli, such as a dry season.
Hope this helps.


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