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Re: Small Theropod May Be New Dinosaur

no the specimen has not yet been named. We are still debating whether it is a 
juvie Allosaurus (Brooks Britt)  or a new form closely related to Tanycolagreus 
(me and Cliff Miles).

>>> "fam jansma" <fam.jansma@tiscali.nl> 03/18/03 12:41 PM >>>
Hi guys!

Just found this on the web:

The discovery of a small meat-eating dinosaur in Wyoming has scientists
excited that it may be a previously unknown dinosaur. Paleontologists from
Western Paleo Labs are preparing the fossil at the North American Museum of
Ancient Life where visitors can watch and see if a new dinosaur emerges from
the past.

The dinosaur is small, about 7 feet (2 m) long. Much of its body and part of
its skull have been found. It will take time for the remains to be examined
and classified. Scientists will compare the bones with those of known
dinosaurs and determine how this theropod was related to other meat eaters.

It's on this website with a small image of the specimen:

>> www.jpinstitute.com/ news/jn_theropod

Does anyone have more information on this specimen? For example, has it been
described already?