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"Iguanodont" Queries

Yes, in another unusual post, I again ask some questions about ornithischians. This should thrill and delight those on the list who are fascinated with these creatures who are often neglected on the D.M.L.

1.  What are the citations for Iguanodon(?) lakotensis, Iguandon(?) hoggi?

2. What is the Garden of the Gods Iguanodontid? It is mentioned in this post to the D.M.L.- http://www.cmnh.org/dinoarch/2001Jul/msg00145.html

3.  Is Iguanodon(?) orientalis synonymous with Altirhinus?

4. Rozhedestvensky 1965 notes that juvenile Bactrosaurus johnstoni have only two replacement tooth rows in each alveoli of the lateral teeth (which he says is similar to "iguanodontids"), and he notes that adult B. johnstoni have three replacement tooth rows in each alveoli of the lateral teeth like hadrosaurids. According to the figures in Norman 2002, hadrosaurids appear to have four replacement tooth rows. Is the increase in the number of tooth rows similar or was Rozhedestvensky mistaken in how many he thought were present? And is this character variable between ontogenetic stages, or are the juvenile B. johnstoni separate species?

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