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Re: "Iguanodont" Queries

Nick Gardner (ratites637@hotmail.com) wrote:

<Pardon me for asking, but how can this be?  What reasons did he have for
doing so?  It seems unlikely, but only for geographical reasons which I
guess don't really count.  :-S>

  Norman considers many other various "scrappy" iguanodont remains fro
Eurasia, Continental and non, to be *I. bernissartensis*. He's got a
healthy, broad veiw of the taxon. Other's have nominally concluded that
*I. orientalis* represents a non-diagnostic "tooth" taxon, for which a
partial mandible and maxilla with caudals are known. It is not *Altirhinus
kurzanovi*., that muich is clear.

  Also, comments of *I. hoggi*. This thing is looking like *Camptosaurus*
or a relative, and is not *Iguanodon*. I don't know when Norman will
publish on this, but this was the data shown and proven at a talk at SVP
(not in the abstract), but is known only from some teeth disimilar to the
British *Camptosaurus* material OR *Iguanodon*; it may represent the teeth
of a camptosaur or dryosaur grade iguanodontian which, as many names and
papers attest to, are plentiful all over lower Lower Cretaceous
(Neocomian) to middle Cretaceous levels. It may then be synonymous with
another known taxon.


Jaime A. Headden

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