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Re: "Iguanodont" Queries

From: "Nick Gardner"
> 4.  Rozhedestvensky 1965 notes that juvenile Bactrosaurus johnstoni have
> only two replacement tooth rows in each alveoli of the lateral teeth
> he says is similar to "iguanodontids"), and he notes that adult B.
> have three replacement tooth rows in each alveoli of the lateral teeth
> hadrosaurids.  According to the figures in Norman 2002, hadrosaurids
> to have four replacement tooth rows.  Is the increase in the number of
> rows similar or was Rozhedestvensky mistaken in how many he thought were
> present?  And is this character variable between ontogenetic stages, or
> the juvenile B. johnstoni separate species?

There's also the bonebed studied dy Godefroit et al. They write about "at
least 2 replacement teeth", I can send you the line drawing of the dentary.
BTW, although the dentary isn't complete, they indicate about 20 or a bit
more tooth rows, like in iguanodontids.

Ref: Pascal GODEFROIT, Zhi-Ming DONG, Pierre BULTYNCK, Hong LI, Lu FENG et
Sino-Belgian Cooperation Program
"Cretaceous Dinosaurs and Mammals from Inner Mongolia"
1- New _Bactrosaurus_ (Dinosauria: Hadrosauroidea) material from Iren Dabasu
(Inner Mongolia, P.R. China)
Sciences de la Terre, 68-supp: 3-70, 1998

Cheers - Aspidel