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Fictional creatures in Gee & Rey's Field Guide to Dinosaurs


Finally got my copy of Henry Gee & Luis Rey's excellent Field Guide to
Dinosaurs.  The premise, for those who haven't seen this, is this is a real
honest-to-goodness field guide: that is, it is intended for time travelling
explorers to identify the different critters they find.

I was interested to see a few fictional (or at least
"as-yet-unknown-to-real-paleontology") creatures show up, too!  These
*A larger, wooly, Alaskan species of _Tyrannosaurus_, _T. helcaraxae_ (Gee,
like me, is apparently a big time Tolkien fan...  Readers of the Silmarilion
may recognize the place name Helcaraxe) (Sadly, this critter is not
*A 30-m crocodilian, _Cthonosuchus lethei_, shown happily gobbling up a
*A new crested and wattled oviraptorosaur, _Ronaldoraptor_.
*A fluke (_Praefasciola brachiosauri_) and fly (_Luisreyi ginsbergi_) which
have a complicated life cycle connected to sauropods and _Ornitholestes_

I also like the fact that the cries of _Masiakasaurus knopfleri_ sound like
the wailing of an electric guitar :-), and the hypothesized effect of a
lightning strike on _Therizinosaurus_...

Fun stuff!

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