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Massacre of scientists

Posted to the Dinosaur List with permission from Douglas Wolfe.  (Originally 
posted to VertPaleo on 3/18/03 with a slightly different subject line.)


Dear List:

Sorry, but it gets worse.  I just got off phone with Dave Gillette who confirms 
that the Museum of Northern Arizona has just killed its paleo and geology 
research program.  The story was run in the AZ Daily Sun (azdailysun.com).   
Please sharpen your nasty grams (ala nebraska and elsewhere) and wade into this 
fray as well.   I believe Dave, Janet, Barry and others are prevented from 
acting in their own defense but I have no such restrictions.    The MNA, as all 
here know, is home to hundreds of type specimens and the library of the great 
Dr. Colbert (who, respectfully, must be doing cartwheels in his place of rest 
over this insult....).  According to the article, BLM funding to the tune of  
$200,000 will be lost and several grad students and assistants will also be 
cast adrift.    I personally have vertebrate and invertebrate specimens 
reposited there and will now have to consider whether these are safe.   I know 
times are tough but I'd never 
thought it would come to this.   Please send your support and and letters of 
protest (though I'm not sure where just yet..).

Sorry to have to post more bad news..

Douglas Wolfe
Adjunct Curator, Mesa Southwest Museum
Principal Investigator, Zuni Basin Paleontological Project