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Re: Fictional creatures in Gee & Rey's Field Guide to Dinosaurs

Ronald Orenstein wrote:

> At 06:48 PM 19/03/03 +0000, Luis Rey wrote:
> >That is correct... well, the name is fictional but a cast of this
> >undescribed oviraptor sits happily on my shelves courtesy of Gaston
> >design.
> Umm.. if you coined a name (even in jest) that refers to an actual taxon
> haven't you (if inadvertently) named it under the Code of Zoological
> Nomenclature?  Of course I would have no objection to a dinosaur named
> Ronald (nor would I take it personally...)

I don't think so. Maybe I would  rather like it if at the end is formally
described and be remembered by this name... I'm sorry is not named after
'Ronald'... it is indeed (as some people have pointed out) named after
Ronaldo the Brazilian  goal hunter, with his funny crest (in his case it
was hair, not bone) . We were working on this at the moment the World Cup
was played in Japan.

Luis Rey

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