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Re: Fictional creatures in Gee & Rey's Field Guide to Dinosaurs

Tim Williams (twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com) wrote:

<The name requires a formal description in order to be valid.  Otherwise,
we would have to recognize such horrible monikers as Clevelanotyrannus, 
Ichabodcraniosaurus and Elvisaurus.>

  Some of these names, like "Borsti," are nicknames, and were never
intended to be applied as possible scientific usage. I need to reiterate
this, as seconded by Mark Norell, that "Ichabodcraniosaurus" was a
nickname for a [formerly] headless skeleton of *Velociraptor* that
frustrated the efforts of the collecting team. Similarly, "Big Momma" or
"Mama" does not get granted a nomen nudum status, even though the W.
Irving name had a -saurus ending which, as I understand it, is why George
lists it in his nomen nudum list. This is really impractical to his stated
purposes with the list, unless he would also like to list "nick names" and
other non-scientific usages, and this would pretty much cause the number
of names to explode and follow non-taxonomic usage (Big Al, Sue, Stan,
Fred, Fran, Willo, etc. ...).


Jaime A. Headden

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