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Rutger Jansma wrote-
Another weblink, maybe it's better I wait the next time for some more stuff,
but here is it anyway:


It covers two recent expeditions to this area, so if any of you are
interested, don't hessitate and visit!

I've been to this site before, I'm uncertain if someone gave me the link or if I found it on my own. It's a pretty cool site and I think everyone should go to at least once just to look at the pictures.

Mickey Mortimer wrote-
The basal coelurosaur with the ectopterygoid pocket and troodontid-
like postorbital is here-

IMHO, the lacrimal is remniscient of Byronosaurus.

Tim Williams wrote-
Nice site (wish I had more time today to peruse it).  It contains a
lot of interesting info, e.g. Jim Clark mentions _Protoavis_ as a
possible basal coelurosaur.

I saw that the first time I was there, that is kind of odd. Does anyone know why 'Protoavis' would be considered a basal coelurosaur?

The "Dinosaurs from Xinjiang" site also answers a question I've often
wondered: Who was General Tso of "General Tso's chicken" fame?

For me, this brings about a more important question: Why were his chickens so important? ;-)

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