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Re: Anurognathus questions

Chris Bennett wrote-
My first reaction is"how wide?"  However, the skull is thought to be
wide because the skulls of the second specimen, the fragmentary skull of
Batrachognathus, and the crushed skulls of Jeholopterus and
Dendrorhynchoides are clearly wide.  You wrote:  "the type is preserved
laterally"--are you sure?

I know very little about pterosaurs but if the type is the specimen figured on p. 273 of Drs. Norman & Wellnhofer's "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs" (Salamander Books: London), then yes, the skull at least has been preserved laterally. I'm very curious in regards to this because I don't know if the following data is accurate or not, that being that "its tail is reduced to a short stump, similar to the Parson's nose or pygostyl of modern birds". Does Anurognathus actually have a pygostyle? :-?

In regards to piscivory, is it possible that this (and other pterosaurs that are similar to it) were capable of wading and fishing in a manner similar to some shore-line birds?

Nick Gardner
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