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Re: Dicynodonts May Have Survived 220 mya Extinction Event

Richard W Travsky "quote":
> http://www.nature.com/nsu/030317/030317-4.html


> ...says Thulborn: it's a
> dicynodont.
> But other experts are finding the creature's apparent resurrection hard to
> swallow. The skull pieces might have come instead from a horned dinosaur.

I remember a certain labyrinthodont specimen dated to the Jurassic from
New South Wales that caused similar disbelief. Some went to the trouble
of ignoring evidence of its Jurassic age in order to shoe-horn it into
the Triassic, so that everyone was happy. When specimens from other
parts of the world (ie. not Australia) turned up with Jurassic ages,
people grudgingly accepted it. Then, when Cretaceous labyrinthodont
material turned up, it happened all over again, again taking time to be

That said, some undeniable ceratopian material from Oz would be great as


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