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Re: New Study, T rex Could've Been A Scavenger

Thanks for the interesting newsbit.

> Ecosystems like the savannas of Africa could have provided sufficient
> carrion to nourish a scavenging T. rex, the researchers report in an
> upcoming issue of Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B.
> On Tanzania's Serengeti grasslands, enough herbivores die each day to
> provide about 4.4 kilograms of carrion per square kilometer. According to
> equations that Ruxton and Houston developed, that's enough meat to feed a
> typical 6,000-kg adult T. rex if the creature had a reptilian metabolism,
> spent 12 hours daily foraging, and could detect carrion as much as 80
> meters away.

Is it by any means possible that an animal with reptilian metabolism can
forage for 12 hours a day?
Wouldn't that need a far greater aerobic capacity than available to
reptilian-metabolism reptiles?

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