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Re: New Study, T rex Could've Been A Scavenger

> On Tanzania's Serengeti grasslands, enough herbivores die each day to
> provide about 4.4 kilograms of carrion per square kilometer. According to
> equations that Ruxton and Houston developed, that's enough meat to feed a
> typical 6,000-kg adult T. rex if the creature had a reptilian metabolism,
> spent 12 hours daily foraging, and could detect carrion as much as 80
> meters away.

The question I would pose (and we'll have to see if the 
paper addresses this): 

How much of that 4.4 kg/sq km is likely to actually be
available, given that every other carnivore nearby is going 
to have at it as well, some of whom will be much closer by 
chance (especially when the food is clumped, and not 
actually distributed as the average)?

Mike Habib