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Re: Dinosaur beaks

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Jaime Headden wrote:

> in BIG beaks, such as phororhacids, gastornithids, etc.. Greg Paul has
> used the suggestion of a highly foraminated premaxilla and rostral dentary
> (1988, _Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_, discussion on *Ornitholestes*
> and *Velociraptor*) to support applying a rhamphotheca, but it has been my
> own observation and examination of de-keratinized beaks that this
> condition does not relate unequivocally or even generally to beak
> placement.

You see similar things in Majungatholus and related theropods, too! This
gets back to the basic question, "Does the presence of extensive foramina
and vascular impressions necessarily imply a keratinous sheath?"

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