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pterosaur babies - easy to find.

Dear List:

Anyone who wants to find a treasure of pterosaur babies need only dig
into their file cabinet for a widely circulated and widely disregarded
paper  on the AMNH Pterodactylus (No. 1942). I know I haven't paid it
the attention it is due.

Abel, O. (1925) On a skeleton of Pterodactylus antiquus from the
lithographic shales of Bavaria, with remains of skin and musculature.
American Museum Novitates, 192, 1-12.

>From the AMNH website jpeg(color), so low on resolution that the scale
bar was fuzzy, I was able to trace two babies and the dorsal frill on my
lunch hour. The dorsal frill is so large, it gives the impression that
the pterosaur is a butterfly. It splits right and left between the
cervicals and dorsals.

Back home on the scan from the 1925 paper (black and white, and what a
dark original!), I found eight more babies slightly varying in size
surrounding on all sides. The smallest were nearest the ?mother's hips
and some were right there at the vent. Others were near the jaws. Might
be a coincidence. Probably all were washed in from a nearby nursery.
Only the central adult figure has any brown in its bones. The rest are
mere impressions, most notably of scleral rings, vetebral columns and
jaws. Some wings and a few toes. All have cranial crests and in some
cases I could discern more dorsal frills and cranial crests, even on the

If anyone is interested, wait two weeks before requesting pix. I want to
give you all a chance to find your own on your own.

Have fun!

David Peters
St. Louis