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Pterosaur dorsal frills

I've been following the recent posts on Mr David Peters' discovery of pterosaur dorsal frills, and I would like to make a few comments...

It would really help, Mr Peters if you are able to work on the actual material itself rather than rely almost solely on computer scanning and tracing. Perhaps if other pterosaur researchers are able to discover the frills when working under more "old-fashioned" techniques, it would be a great boost to Mr Peters' claim.

But seriously, few discoveries are ever so groundbreaking. Remember the great scepticism when Archaeopteryx was first discovered? Or how many people still think that feathered dinosaurs are a hoax? Or for that matter, how so many of us disregarded the psittacosaur bristles as artefacts of preservation? It would do us good if we take a closer look into the reports of dorsal frills of pterosaurs instead of dismissing it so readily.

Pterosaurs are such bizarre and fascinating creatures it's not fair they play second fiddle to the dinosaurs. Whether are not these frills do exist, it's about time more people get themselves involved in sucha field of study and truly commemorate them as the first vertebrates to take to the skies.

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