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Re: Dinosaur Big Foot * Impacts and Lava * Crucial Root * Short Story * DINOSAUR NEWS


** Impacts, lava may have joined to kill dinosaurs
Researchers at University College London are suggesting that the Indian lava
flows are the impact site of an earlier, larger meteor, and that evidence of
the impact was submerged by upwelling lava

But Koeberl doubts there was a Shiva impact, and how could Chicxulub have finished the dinosaurs if a larger, earlier impact could not?

** Fossil expert out at MNA
Now, the museum is eliminating his department and laying him off less than a
month before it opens a major exhibition introducing his dinosaur to the

** Inside a Dinosaur Bone
The microscopic structure of dinosaur bones is unique, suggesting that these
animals were physiologically unlike birds, reptiles or mammals

**  Fredericksburg Dinosaur Had a Big Foot
Researchers unveiled a footprint belonging to what they believe was a
70-foot long dinosaur that lived near Fredericksburg as many as 115 million
years ago

FEATURE PUBLICATION:   Night Comes to the Cretaceous : Dinosaur Extinction
and the Transformation of Modern Geology
Mr. Powell describes the whole debate in a text that deals well with the
inevitable technicalities and will be found very readable by anyone
interested in the history of Earth and the problems that beset scientists
seeking to understand it.
Click this link:

**  The Rise and Fall of Rudist Reefs
During the warm Cretaceous period, when dinosaurs roamed the continents,
oddly shaped mollusks called rudists dominated the Earth's shallow tropical
seas, where they build massive reefs

**  Leaping dinos! What a show of force
The museum smartly steered away from the Hollywood dinosaur stereotype
language and decided to promote the exhibit as more scientific than
theatrical but still make it entertaining

**  What is the Mesozoic Garden?
The Mesozoic Garden recreates a primeval river bank as it might have
appeared during the age of the dinosaurs

**  Tusked fossil sparks resurrection row
With the body of a hippo, the beak of a turtle and the tusks of a walrus,
the long-lost dicynodont would seem hard to mistake

**  Dinosaur Day/Weekend In Hazddonfield 2003
Location: Haddonfield

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