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Re: pterosaur babies - easy to find.

I haven't been able to find any dorsal frills or pterosaur babies in this
fossil at all.
There are a lot of limestone features but nothing that even remotely
resembles a baby pterosaur or a dorsal crest.

Mike Hanson

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Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2003 9:41 PM
Subject: pterosaur babies - easy to find.

> Dear List:
> Anyone who wants to find a treasure of pterosaur babies need only dig
> into their file cabinet for a widely circulated and widely disregarded
> paper  on the AMNH Pterodactylus (No. 1942). I know I haven't paid it
> the attention it is due.
> Abel, O. (1925) On a skeleton of Pterodactylus antiquus from the
> lithographic shales of Bavaria, with remains of skin and musculature.
> American Museum Novitates, 192, 1-12.
> >From the AMNH website jpeg(color), so low on resolution that the scale
> bar was fuzzy, I was able to trace two babies and the dorsal frill on my
> lunch hour. The dorsal frill is so large, it gives the impression that
> the pterosaur is a butterfly. It splits right and left between the
> cervicals and dorsals.
> Back home on the scan from the 1925 paper (black and white, and what a
> dark original!), I found eight more babies slightly varying in size
> surrounding on all sides. The smallest were nearest the ?mother's hips
> and some were right there at the vent. Others were near the jaws. Might
> be a coincidence. Probably all were washed in from a nearby nursery.
> Only the central adult figure has any brown in its bones. The rest are
> mere impressions, most notably of scleral rings, vetebral columns and
> jaws. Some wings and a few toes. All have cranial crests and in some
> cases I could discern more dorsal frills and cranial crests, even on the
> babes.
> If anyone is interested, wait two weeks before requesting pix. I want to
> give you all a chance to find your own on your own.
> Have fun!
> David Peters
> St. Louis