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Re: Dinosaur Big Foot * Impacts and Lava * Crucial Root * Short Story * DINOSAUR NEWS

> >**  Impacts, lava may have joined to kill dinosaurs  
> >Researchers at University College London are suggesting that the  
> >Indian lava  
> >flows are the impact site of an earlier, larger meteor, and that   
> >evidence of the impact was submerged by upwelling lava  
>    But Koeberl doubts there was a Shiva impact,  
Not only that, he calls it "science-fiction". But read the above once  
more: That's not Shiva. Shiva is supposed to be southwest of that.  
> and how could Chicxulub have   
> finished the dinosaurs if a larger, earlier impact could not?  
Depends on e. g. the composition of the impact site. The carbonates and  
sulfates of Chicxulub made the affair a lot more unhealthy than it would  
have been otherwise.  
Me, I wait for the evidence that there's a crater under the traps, which  
doesn't sound logical.  

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