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Re: New Study, T rex Could've Been A Scavenger

I personally have my doubts of this recent study.

I say this because I thought that Houston, in his 1979 paper _the
adaptations of scavengers_ clearly stated that the only true scavengers are
soaring vultures and kin, who expend little energy while traveling, and can
scan large amounts of land for viscera.
I found this Houston's paper thanks in part to looking through Greg Paul's
fantastic DA book [if you don't have it, buy it!] and seeing our best
friend; goggle.

And if this new study is actually correct, then why are their no big
scavengers today?
Certainly at least ONE species of big mammalian carnivore would by now of
evolved such a lifestyle.

But this does not seem to be the case, as Paul stated in DA, that even the
hyena is forced to hunt.
And even the mega-varanid komodo dragon, which is evidently an ectotherm,
has to regularly hunt for food.

That's my two cents on the subject.

Oh yeah, and let me just say that I'm eating black passerine right now for
actually saying that a dinosaur-related Jeff Corwin TV special would be a
good idea! That special rivals the ol' Paleoworld shows in dumbness.

Best wishes to all, and best wishes to our forces overseas!

                                                     Mark Foster