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Re: Dinosaur Big Foot * Impacts and Lava * Crucial Root * Short Story * DINOSAUR NEWS

David Marjanovic

> >**  Impacts, lava may have joined to kill dinosaurs
> >Researchers at University College London are suggesting that the
> >Indian lava
> >flows are the impact site of an earlier, larger meteor, and that
> >evidence of the impact was submerged by upwelling lava
>    But Koeberl doubts there was a Shiva impact,

Not only that, he calls it "science-fiction". But read the above once
more: That's not Shiva. Shiva is supposed to be southwest of that.

According to Chatterjee (who attributed Deccan volcanism to Shiva until it became clear that the big impact would have predated the extinction) Shiva consists of two separated parts, both flooded with lava. The Panvel Flexure is adjacent to the traps and part of them.

> and how could Chicxulub have > finished the dinosaurs if a larger, earlier impact could not?

Depends on e. g. the composition of the impact site. The carbonates and
sulfates of Chicxulub made the affair a lot more unhealthy than it would
have been otherwise.

Did impact site composition have anything to do with the supposed ability of Chicxulub to burn down the world? If the latter sufficed to wipe out the dinosaurs, any bigger, earlier impact should've been
equally lethal.

Me, I wait for the evidence that there's a crater under the traps, which doesn't sound logical.

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